Let’s All Contribute To The Conversation




“Talk Saves Lives” — campaign by The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention along with other organizations and campaigns continue to bring awareness of destigmatizing the needs of those lost to suicide, and those experiencing a loss from suicide.

MAY 2016

Suicide, suicide loss, and mental illness–topics that are becoming less stigmatized in society but none the less need prevalent conversation at the national level.

The loss of my partner from suicide has created my desire to be a part of the conversation we need to bring forth revolutionizing ideas around our approach, prevention, and wellness surrounding suicide prevention and overall mental health support for “minds in need”–including support for their caregivers. And by caregivers, I mean partners, wives, husbands, moms, dads, sisters, brothers, family, friends–anyone who has deeply cared for and is directly or indirectly involved with those who have “minds in need”.

Let’s go beyond the current approaches that exist to help brain illness and let’s have a thoughtful conversation at the heart level. There may not be one prescribed solution that fits the multiplicity of these topics, but this I know–every single living spiritual being responds to love and kindness. Let’s create a new paradigm that somehow, someway can infuse that pathway for those in need.

Love and kindness, grief and wholeness– let’s all contribute to the conversation…



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